Le Sibille

In 1990, united in their common passion for research and the study of art jewellery techniques of the past, Camilla Bronzini, Francesca Neri Serneri and Antonella Perugini created the jewellery brand Le Sibille. Their aim was to create a brand that would highlight italian excellence, tradition, antique art forms, history and the highest quality of artigan goldsmithery.
Perfect for the Made In Italy luxury sector, Le Sibille have been able to recreate the spirit and essence of a renaissance workshop and take inspiration from the different styles of various periods, exploring and becoming experts in the ancient technique of Roman Minute Mosaic, an eighteenth centruy miniaturised evolution of this antique and intricate art. It is infact their capacity to combine this specific technique with their unique style that
has earned them a reputation worldwide in a niche market as a jewellery brand creating timeless and unique pieces . Infact for nearly 30 years the company , known and recognised nationally and internationally have been creating exclusive, unique designs and collections using this near extinct technique. Remainly loyal to its’ roman roots, Le Sibille production laboratory continues to remain in Rome, Italy following a system of artisan production that guarantees excellence and the best of Made in Italy. As the brand continues to expand the request for these unique collections continues to grow. The company continues to focus and invest its resources on the continuing expansion within international markets such EAU, USA , Russia, China Japan , North Europe, and the UK.