Founder and designer, Caroline Gaspard draws inspiration from diverse and epic sources.

Rock the Place!

For more than ten years now, Akillis has defied the mores of the Place Vendôme, developing striking, seductive, and razor-sharp innovations in jewelry-unique assets for a younger generation looking for something totally new. Akillis is no more feminine than it is masculine. Why choose? It is both! Founder and designer, Caroline Gaspard draws inspiration from diverse and epic sources, influenced by the spirit of liberators and conquerors. Thus endowed, Akillis protects and strengthens its wearer. Its French studios deliver the savoir-faire d’excellence. Therein lies its power.

Capture Me

Capture Me is the most singular and graphic expression of Akillis’ biting passion. Its rock & chic aesthetics, embodied in the brand’s iconic asymmetrical triangles, encapsulate a sumptuous new symbol of seduction: a sharp and tempting trap, far from conventional romantic codes.

Capture LIGHT

Rock’n’roll, captivating and irresistible, Capture Light takes hold with its sharp triangles from the refined Capture Me collection. Juxtaposing, playful, and addictive, the graphic, asymmetrical lines offered in pink gold, yellow gold, and white gold – also available in full set with white diamonds – lend themselves to multiple superpositions.


Capture in Motion is a collection of revolving rings featuring the brand’s iconic asymmetrical whetted teeth. Designed for women and men. Thanks to an ingenious mechanism, the two lines of triangles revolve independently on their axis. They spin endlessly under the finger, offering countless playful and addictive tactile.


Fatal Attraction and Bang Bang experiment with words and symbols that flirt with danger, injecting romance with a shot of adrenaline. These unisex collections are for modern-day adventurers who want to super-charge the romantic playbook with new thrills. With a bold and audacious design, Fatal Attraction and Bang Bang explore the ambiguity that defines French jewelry making.


With its Tattoo collection, Akillis injects its intuitive ethno-rock charm into new jewelry codes. These modern tattoos are inspired by Maori skin-carving traditions and the steely, graphic designs of Akillis, which meld and mingle to make a collection for men and women.