Gerald Charles

Maison Gerald Charles was founded in 2000 in Switzerland by Mr. Gérald Charles Genta.
Monsieur Genta, often referred to simply as ‘Maestro’, was a Swiss watch designerand artist. After selling the company in 2003, he stayed on as its designer-in-chief until his death in 2011, leaving a treasure trove of watch designs in the company’s care.

Every watch created by Gerald Charles is based on one of his original designs and carries his legacy of ‘artistic creativity, technical mastery’ forward into the future.
Gerald Charles watches are at the cutting edge of ergonomics and designed and manufactured to sit comfortably and elegantly on the wrist.

Gerald Charles watches are produced without compromise and marry the finest traditions and most up-to-date technologies of Swiss mechanical watchmaking to deliver superior precision and performance, as well as exceptional water and shock resistance.

Every piece is an elegant sports watch, the signature of the company’s founder and eternal inspiration, Monsieur Genta.