David Gotlib

David Gotlib Vision

Once I knew I would manufacture cufflinks, I had to decide what my vision and goals would be. Of course, many brands sell cufflinks and other accessories for men, but I envisioned something different. I wanted to make art.
I wanted to create fine jewelry, jewelry that would distinguish the men or women with that extra feeling of connoisseurship. Jewelry for people that would want to own a piece that can be worn on any occasion as a statement of style, people that can see the value in handcrafted gold and diamonds in the same passionate way I do. My product is not a mass produced product.
It is made with affection, with an eye for detail that makes its wearer feel special.
Buying and gifting a pair of cufflinks should be a special occasion, something of significance and achievement, or simply a spontaneous buy such as that of collectors of fine art who are overcome by an items beauty or uniqueness. The process is not about matching the cufflinks to a tuxedo, but rather about realizing that real jewelry can be worn at any occasion and with any type of clothing.
I feel that today, more than ever, people are looking for that extra something that shows their personality, good taste and discernment. My cufflinks cannot only be worn with a suit at work, but also with a pair of jeans at a party where you are relaxed and looking to demonstrate your exquisite taste for style and art.
My diamond cufflinks will retain their value for generations and become collectibles. And like I always say:

“Let’s make the ordinary Extraordinary”